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Bike rental terms & conditions

 Terms and conditions (ENG)

 1. HOME IN CALPE INVEST S.L. , hereinafter the company, offers a bicycle and accessory rental service that will be managed through the various channels made available to the general public.

2. The person or entity interested in making use of said rental service, hereinafter the user, is responsible for the care and return of the bike and all accessories (tools, helmet, pedals, GPS...) In case of returning the bicycle with any damage or not returning any of the accessories, the provisions of point 8 of this contract will apply to the user.

3. The bikes and, when it applies, the rented accessories, which are perfectly approved and comply with all the security measures and the required commercial guarantees, must be returned in the same conditions in which they were received when rented. If not, the user will be responsible for any defect caused.

4. The user is obliged to watch over and protect the bikes and the accessories when they are not in sight. The company will offer a security lock for each bicycle at no additional charge to the user.

5. In case of robbery, theft, destruction or damage to the bike and its accessories, the user will have the obligation to report the facts to the security forces and deliver a copy of the report to the company within a maximum period of 24 hours from when you become aware of the offense or crime.

6. In case of theft or non-return of the bike, the company reserves the right to charge the customer the amount of the bike, as well as the stolen material.

7. If the theft, loss or deterioration of the material occurs, the user will have the obligation to pay the company the total amount of the stolen or damaged equipment.

8. The company offers an OPTIONAL OWN INSURANCE RECOMMENDED which covers any damage that may be caused to the bikes during the rental period. This insurance covers up to a maximum value of 500 €  , including labour and/or components or spare parts.If the repair of the damage exceeds this amount the user would have to pay the rest until the total amount is covered. This insurance DOES NOT COVER THE DISAPPEARANCE OR THEFT OF THE BIKE OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY RIDING ON BEACH SAND OR STONE ROADS OR ANY INADEQUATE ROAD. In case of NOT choosing the OPTIONAL RECOMMENDED INSURANCE option, the user will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to the bike during the rental period. As an exception, GARMIN EXPLORE devices for rental are not considered accessories and ARE NOT COVERED by the RECOMMENDED OPTIONAL INSURANCE. In the case of their loss or disappearance, the full amount of the cost of the devices will be charged to the customer. In the case of damage of the device, these will be regulated as stated at the beginning of this point. The same applies to any of the accessories that are rented and that have not been returned. The same applies to any of the accessories that are included with the bike.

9. If the bike is not delivered on time, the user will have to pay the extra time The additional day rate in force at the time shall apply.

10. Payment of the rental fee is always made in full, discounting 25% of the reservation made. Payment is made before delivering the bike to the user.

11. The user of the bike undertakes to respect the laws and traffic regulations in force and is responsible for any damage caused as a result of non-compliance with said laws and that may cause any accident during the use of the bike. In addition, the company is not responsible for any fines or penalties resulting from any violation of said laws.

12. The user is aware of the risks involved in riding a bike and is solely responsible for any damage caused to himself, third parties or any property, movable or immovable, by the use or normal or irregular use of the bikes, either by making improper use of it or because the user is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance or medication that impairs the capabilities for the use of the bike.

13. The company is not responsible for claims for bodily or material damage caused to itself or to third parties by the user or to objects of their property.

14. In the event of a breakdown, we do not offer roadside assistance.

15. The use of bicycles on the beach is not permitted. Damage caused by sand will be assessed and will have to be paid for, even if you have taken out the recommended optional insurance.

16. For the resolution of any conflict or misunderstanding that may arise between both parties in the application of this contract, we will go to the courts of Dénia city.

17. If the user wishes to make a complaint or claim, the user may fill out the contact form made available on our website.

18. This contract adjusts and respects all the rights of consumers and users in accordance with current Spanish legislation.